Standing up for taxpayers

Mike Katz took on politicians in both parties to fix a bloated government program

Mike Katz identified a major problem.

As he poured over the books of the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN), he found millions of dollars in waste, evidence of cronyism and no-bid contracts. The program was a mess.

“Mike Katz was a leader in the fight to reform the Delaware Health Information Network. He dove into the details to find practical solutions that worked. Today we have the best online health network in the Country.” — Governor Jack Markell

He’d have to take on politicians and lobbyists to fix it. 

But many politicians and lobbyists in Dover — including some in his own party — warned Mike to ignore the problem. They told him in no uncertain words: “leave well enough alone.”

Mike stood up for taxpayers and overhauled the program. 

Mike took on the political insiders, working hard until he built enough support to overhaul DHIN. Now, the Delaware Health Information Network is the most advanced medical records network in the country, and it has a new business model that runs efficiently and effectively.

“I worked with Dr. Mike Katz on DHIN reform. He took a government program that was abused by political insiders in both parties and he gave it a successful new business model. This reform saves taxpayer money, but more importantly it saves lives.” — Joseph F. Hacker III MD, FACG